Board and members

Özlem Cekic Chairwoman

First of all, I’m a bridge builder.

I basically believe that more binds us together than that which separates us. I meet people with dialogue coffee and I work to build bridges between ethnic groups and businesses, organizations and institutions.

You can find a full biography of Özlem here.

Julie Bossow Vice-chair

Born 1986. Holds a Master in French and European Studies from Copenhagen Business School. Has previously worked in European and Danish politics. Currently works in the management secretariat at KL (Local Government Denmark). Born and raised in Aarhus but has also lived in Paris and Brussels. Currently living in Copenhagen.

Simon Lund-Jensen

Born 1980, holds a Master in Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen and works as Enterprise Change Manager in Danish IT company KMD. Simon is interested in how words can build bridges between different world views, both within organizations and around the globe. Editor on Özlem Cekic’s book “Why does he hate you, mom?”

Emek Volkan Gürkan

Senior system developer, has worked with, an association for second generation immigrants. Founder of FC Mangfoldigt. Believes that dialogue is the way forward.

Devrim Ülgü

Coming soon…

Maia Feldman
Born 1963, mag.scient in anthropology from University of Copenhagen. Have worked for 30+ years with minority-majority relations and diversity in the field of education, social work, employment etc, doing development projects, research, evaluations and teaching. Lecturer at the Teachers College about being a teacher in the globalized school. Part of The Association of Bridgebuilders work in schools i Copenhagen.

Signe Olsen
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