Dialogue Coffee

Since 2010 the chairwoman of the Association of Bridge Builders, Özlem Cekic, has visited people who has sent her hate mail, as well as people who seeks dialogue and wants to be bridge builders. This practice has grown into what is today called #DialogueCoffee.

As the word suggests, #DialogueCoffee is based on the belief that if we meet each other as human beings and seek dialogue, we will be able to break down a large part of the prejudice that exist in society and which unfortunately leads to fear and hate.

Opponents of #DialogueCoffee has criticized the project by saying that Özlem Cekic or other bridge builders believe dialog over coffee can solve all the world’s problems. It is definitely not what we think. But we do believe that we as people have more in common than that which divides us. And we do maintain that all of us has a personal responsibility to insist on the democratic conversation.

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